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    Paws Grooming Mobile is a mobile dog grooming service that offers a variety of services to dog owners throughout the Los Angeles, CA area. Your pup's comfort is our top priority which is why we provide both mobile and in home dog grooming services.
    In addition to standard services like dog bathing, we also offer clients nail clipping, hair brushing, and teeth cleaning treatments. Our comprehensive dog grooming service ensures your pooch looks great and stays healthy.
    Our mobile pet grooming service makes grooming a breeze by catering to your schedule and bringing the experts to you. Call (323) 738-4256 for professional dog hair care today.
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Dog bathing
Dog Bathing

The groomers at Paws Grooming Mobile are experienced in dog bathing and well aware of the challenges that come with bathing reluctant or skittish pooches. Whenever a dog is brought to our mobile dog groomer, we do everything in our power to make their grooming experience comfortable and relaxing.

Nail trimming
Dog Nail Trimming

Dog nail trimming is a delicate procedure that requires a steady hand. We offer professional dog nail clipping services to dog owners throughout the Los Angeles, CA area. Our groomers are all well trained in nail clipping, so you can rest assured that your pup and their paws are in good hands.

Teeth cleaning
Dog Teeth Cleaning

Dog teeth cleaning is a necessary, yet often overlooked step in the grooming process. Regularly brushing your pooch's teeth prevents food particles and plaque from building up around the gums. This build-up can lead to more serious dental problems when left unattended which is why we perform thorough teeth cleanings on every pup.

Dog haircut
Dog Haircuts

We offer dog haircuts to pooches of all sizes and breeds. Customers can schedule haircuts separately from our other grooming services or pair them with bathing, nail clipping, or a dog blow dry. Call (323) 738-4256 to schedule dog hair care services today.

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